Old Projects


    Giuseppe was a personal project
    inspired by my pet chihuahua. The
    creative process for this was rather
    spontaneous. The narration was impro-
    vised and the animation was completed
    during a busy week of finals.

    Being my second animation, this project
    helped reinforce the newly acquired
    Flash skills I gained in school. It also
    helped me develop a balanced workflow
    between school and work.


    Jack Fetolson

    Jack Fetolson was the final project for
    my introductory class to Flash Animation.
    It was conceived and finished during the
    last month of the semester. The story
    follows an A-list actor transformed into
    a superhero fetus. Yup.

    This was my first animation. I was overly
    ambitious and not prepared for what I set
    out to do. Still, Jack Fetolson was a
    great learning experience and helped me
    fall in love with the medium.