This collection of insect videos started because of a fascination with entomology and nature documentaries. I had grown up my whole life thinking Crane Flies were over-sized mosquitoes. The day I found out they were just friendly giants, I realized how insect-ignorant I had been my whole life. Spiders are not insects. Beetles are not bugs. Pill bugs are crustaceans. These are some of the shocking truths I discovered when I opened my eyes to entomology. Also, the French nature films of Jean Painlevé showed me a new and exciting blend of science and art.

I began this project in 2011 with the objective to document every insect in the San Fernando Valley. After a year, I had collected more footage than I could handle. The workflow consisted of collecting and identifying the specimens, then filming and editing the footage. Below are the majority of the videos I produced. Enjoy!