This collection of short films display my work as a director, cinemotagrapher, and editor.

CSUN Entomology

CSUN Interesting Classes is a podcast
created for a school assignment. The
series is composed of five episodes —
each one produced by a different member
of the group. I chose to highlight a
field of study I am very interested in,

This episode was displayed during the
2012 Multimedia Showcase at CSUN.

The Tarantula

Virtuosity in Nature is a pilot
episode for an imaginary podcast
developed for a school assignment.
Inspired by various nature films, I
researched and presented a Tarantula.
Shot in a controlled environment, I was
able to get some very detailed macro shots.

For more original nature videos, click here.

Rope & Candy

Rope & Candy is a short film
centering around a mysterious man with
a clown suit. The assignment was to
create a 5-minute short telling the
story with no dialogue. My main duty
was the cinematography but I also
contributed title animations, editing,
music, and story development.