Vaughn Charter

Vaughn Next Century Learning Center is a charter school in the San Fernando Valley. The school is divided into five campuses ranging from Pre-K to 12th grade. In December 2015, I was given the role of Webmaster and was put in charge of rebuilding the school’s website. The school’s online identity was in need of a complete rebranding — one that bring together all five campuses with a modern design. This included designing a new web layout, logos, icons, and capturing new photographs and video. I remain the Webmaster and continue to produce web content for Vaughn Charter.

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I created this short animation specifically to welcome guests on the homepage.  The school’s international flag waves high while the mascot welcomes the students. The animation was an original idea created using Adobe Flash.

    Logo Design


Before the major changes, every campus had a completely different design and logo with no consistent design. I found it very important to unify this aspect of the school’s image. The first letter of each school is used as a background for the new mascot design.

    Icon Design

I also designed various icons throughout the website implementing the school’s colors and similar art style as the newly designed logo. The icons were created to easily help guests navigate through the site.